Ultimate 90's Midi Bag

Ultimate 90's Midi Bag

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Throw it back to the 90's with our nostalgic mix of everything old school!

Each bag has a mix of options, but no two bags are ever the same!

Items may include:

- Milkos

- Redskins

- Sour Straps

- Gumballs

- Skittles

- Milky Bars

- Sherbet Bottles

- Sherbet Lollipops

- Sherbet Fruits

- Candy Necklaces

- Candy Watches

- Airheads

- Wicked Fizz

- Candy Sours

- Fads

- TNT Sour Chews

- Kablueys

- Ghost Drops

- Cheeky Tongues

- Jelly Fruits

- Chicken Feet

- Clouds (red/green/blue/yellow/pink/purple)

- Gummy Bears


Each bag contains approximately 500g