You are not just purchasing a kit - you are purchasing a workshop experience, complete with a guided video tutorial, led by Fox and Fawn's founder - Gem!


Learn how to create soy wax candles from the comfort of your home, with Workshop in a Box!


Each Workshop in a Box equips you with the skills necessary to acquire a new hobby, start a business or run a party! There's no better place to explore your creativity, so why not jump in and get started?


Each kit includes:

- Organic Soy Wax

- 3 x Fragrances 

- Pink Himalayan Rock Salt (for air purification, allergy relief and the improvement of overall well-being)

- Dried flowers

- Wooden Wicks (glue dots and clasps)

- 3 x Candle Tins

- Video link to our Candle Kit Tutorial


Each Workshop in a Box has been lovingly crafted by Fox and Fawn Art Studio in Newcastle, NSW.


What began as a local endeavour to encourage creativity has now grown to reach Australian's nationwide. 


We are excited to watch people learn and create, while making memories with friends and family!



Your kit will be posted 1-2 days after purchase and should arrive within 5 days - please keep in mind that delays can occur due to Covid.

Workshop in a Box - Candle Kit