Mix your own sweets for the perfect treat!


Choose 6 options from our range and we'll mix them into a MASSIVE 1kg bag for you. (Note: NOT ALL SWEETS ARE PICTURED)


- Fizzy Cola Bottles 

- Sour Gummi Bears 

- Strawberry Clouds 

- Blueberry Clouds 

- Peach Clouds 

- Banana Clouds 

- Watermelon Clouds 

- Strawberry Rings

- Sour Worms


- Strawberry Sour Belts

- Watermelon Sour Belts


- Tattoo Gum

- Zappo Drops

- TNT sour chews



- Cola Bottles 

- Gummy Bears 

- Lips 

- Red Frogs 

- Sharks 

- Gummy Eggs 

- Gummy Pizza Slices

- Jelly Filled Skulls

- Pineapples


You cannot choose one sweet more than twice, as this helps prevent us selling out of the more popular sweets. Everything is in high demand and we want everyone to have a chance at getting a taste of the good stuff!


*We reserve the right to replace any option you choose with the most similar kind of sweet if we run out. We can never predict when a certain type of sweet will run out or if our supplier will have it in stock when we restock our Pick n Mix range.

Pick n Mix - 1kg