Your Purchase Could Save a Child

I'm extremely excited to announce that Fox & Fawn has partnered with Destiny Rescue in the fight to end the exploitation of children worldwide.

10% of each purchase will be donated directly to Destiny Rescue, in an effort to continue the work they are currently doing, while helping to expand their reach to even more countries.

It is estimated that over 1 million children are exploited each year in the commercial sex trade. Of these children, only 0.04% are rescued. Our aim is to raise awareness and funds to support the endeavours of Destiny Rescue. Since 2011, they have rescued over 5000 individuals and are currently operating in Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, as well as other countries that remain undisclosed.

Currently, you are helping to support a small Australian business. From this point onwards, every purchase will be part of something much more substantial. Your purchase could help save a child from sex trafficking and support their after care and recovery.

You can find out more about Destiny Rescue by visiting them at

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