The Mission Behind Our Jewellery

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Not long ago, I introduced you to the face behind Fox & Fawn and the cause that we support through every purchase that is made online, at markets and through our earring making workshops. You were introduced to Gem, the founder and creator of the earrings you love so much! Today, we're taking a look at the reason she supports Destiny Rescue in their fight to end child exploitation.

"Growing up, I attended a Christian school which provided opportunities that most public schools missed out on. One such opportunity was the privilege of travelling overseas on mission trips, where students were given a taste of life in a third world country and the issues that were faced in schools and orphanages. I was selected to play the lead in a drama piece that we would perform throughout our trip and I was so excited about it!

As part of a Christian school, I was always exposed to charities and organisations that supported amazing causes, such as Destiny Rescue. While I enjoyed learning about ways to support these organisations, it was so easy to forget about them once they had left our school and life went back to normal.

It wasn't until I was in Year 11 that the memories of what I'd learned from Destiny Rescue came flooding back. I recall having flashbacks to video clips of children being abducted and footage of what they endured as a result, all while being unable to scream as I was being forced towards the back of a narrow shop in Kuta, Indonesia.

Thankfully, my story ended just as quickly as it started. I was with a friend who helped stopped what seemed like an abduction attempt, right in its tracks. To this day, I cannot remember how I got out. All I know is what I've been told. What I do recall is the intensity of the fear that swept over me and being so frightened that I was unable to speak or scream or move. The next thing I recall is being out on the street with my panicked friend, crying and feeling a mixture of fear and relief.

While my story was nothing more than a close call and an uncomfortable memory, the stories of millions of children across the world aren't as pleasant. This is why I am passionate about the work Destiny Rescue carries out. It's why I encourage people to educate themselves on the atrocities being faced by young people and to donate to this organisation who is striving to eradicate sex trafficking worldwide.

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