My World of Web Design

Over the last 6 years I have developed a passion for web design and the creation of business aesthetics to optimise social media presence, not only for myself but for small businesses who haven't invested in web design.

Below you will find a range of work, including samples from websites I've created to mood boards exploring aesthetics for use across social media and digital platforms.



Fox and Fawn Art Studio engaged in a variety of creative workshops, with a particular focus on natural elements, such as Kokedamas, terrariums, and flower crowns. The studio's interior design was meticulously crafted to reflect this natural aesthetic, featuring faux greenery lining the walls. It was important to me to embody this concept in the overall brand aesthetic, both in its portrayal on social media and throughout the website.



For the past three years, my sole focus has been on Berry Sweet Candy Co. Originally intended as a side product for my previous business, the brand took on a life of its own following the success of a viral TikTok video. It became clear that the demand for the product was significant enough to warrant establishing it as a standalone business. As such, I dedicated myself entirely to the development and growth of the brand, recognising the need to create a distinct visual identity that would differentiate it from my prior business. To achieve this goal, I opted for vibrant and cheerful colours that evoke the sense of joy and wonder commonly associated with childhood. I take pride in having cultivated a brand image that effectively resonates with customers while staying true to my values. Additionally, I thoroughly enjoyed honing my graphic and web design skills throughout the course of these years.



This is an instance of pro bono work I provided to a small enterprise that had not effectively optimised their online presence for their benefit. I hold the belief that demonstrating altruism is fundamental in contributing to a better world, particularly in an era where self-centredness seems to be on the rise. By extending my services without charge to small businesses, I hope to offer a modest yet impactful way to support entrepreneurs in attaining success within the business realm.

Through comprehensive research on St. Joseph's facilities and surrounds, I have developed a logo, mood board and a prototype for the redesign of their homepage.