About Us

Berry Sweet Candy Co. is more than just a brand. We are a small business with a BIG purpose. 


We are passionate about change and living altruistically in the hope of creating a better world for those who cannot help themselves.


If you are sitting here, mulling over a purchase or have purchased from us already, you are more privileged than you know.


Our charitable partners; a mixture of orphanages, schools and sex trafficking projects, are filled with people who have either had their lives stolen from them or were simply born into poverty. Through no choice of their own they were given the short end of the stick.


You and I have the privilege of waking up each morning to clean drinking water, food, flushing toilets, hot showers, and if you’re reading this, you probably have access to social media and the internet. 


I wonder, have you ever stopped to think about how blessed you are to have these things that so many go without?


Have you ever considered that you actually have the ability to help free women from sex trafficking or feed and educate a child in a third world country?


You have been blessed with the ability to change the lives of people you will never meet. You could be the difference between a child accessing education or having to go without. Your contribution could buy the freedom of a woman stuck in sex slavery.


Our world has become one that preaches a message of selfishness. We live our lives based on how we feel and what we want, rather than looking out for those around us. Social media has contributed to a culture of watching people suffer rather than helping them.


We want to change that and you have the power to help us.


The process is simple. 50% of our profits is donated directly to the families we help in Bali, Indonesia, with the exception of our handmade items. 100% of their profits is given directly to the women who make them.


Aside from our products, you can also make a donation if you would like to support our work even further.


This is our brand.


This is change.


This is you.